workers compensation

To protect your business, protect your people.

Our service offering is underpinned by our unique service and pricing models. We create bespoke service programs for all clients, regardless of size, and we do not time cost or charge additional fees for anything disconnected from the real value of what we do. Our approach focuses on mitigating workplace risk, premium minimisation, data analytics and improving WHS, claims and injury management outcomes.

Our key services include:

Premium Mitigation Services

we listen.

The first step for us is to listen. We seek to intimately understand your business activities, structure, risk profile and key objectives. From there, we analyse your current Workers Compensation program and complete extensive premium modelling before designing, negotiating and implementing your optimal program structure. We also assess the feasibility of alternative risk transfer opportunities such as self-insurance, different premium models and company structures. We also provide ongoing monitoring services to ensure you have clarity and predictability of premiums.

Claims and Injury Management Services

claims drive premiums.

Workers Compensation is usually the largest insurance spend for most businesses. Claims costs drive premiums so effective claims and injury management is critical to not only reducing your premiums, but to also deliver superior outcomes to your injured workers and minimise the indirect business costs associated with claims.

Our services combined with our extensive market relationships and service provider networks are positioned to help you achieve both.

We provide strategic and practical advice targeted at reducing the frequency, duration and severity of claims and advocate on your behalf with insurers, claims agents, regulators and service providers.

Outsourced Services

focus on running your business, not your insurances.

Many businesses lack dedicated staff with the experience and expertise required to successfully manage their insurance programs. The responsibility is usually delegated to an existing staff member who performs a separate function for the business and possesses a different skillset.  Rather than recruiting a specialist FTE, it is generally always more beneficial and cost-effective to outsource this function to an expert. This in turn not only removes the internal administrative burden and employee related costs, but also achieves further savings via enhanced outcomes.

We provide a variety of outsourced solutions ranging from Return-to-Work Coordination services to holistic insurance management services.

Merger & Acquisition Services

due diligence, simplified.

Whether you are acquiring, merging or divesting a business, it goes without saying that due diligence is a must. Insurance is often overlooked throughout this process but is a business risk like any other. Our services are management of that risk. We provide our clients with certainty and advice on how best to protect their interests so there are no surprises.

Performance Reporting & Analytics

identify & quantify.

Improved performance and profitability begin with data analytics. Our performance reporting and analytics offering consolidates your geographical footprint, identifies key cost drivers, injury trends and claim demographics within your program. These data backed findings and insights allow us to work with you to develop targeted risk mitigation strategies, quantify potential costs and return on investment.